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I do exhibitions!

My first exhibition took place at the Artspace in Dudley, between 3 & 24 September 2016.

I was asked around a year earlier if I would be interested in exhibiting. Never having exhibited before I almost blindly said 'Yes' and committed to it. Fortunately, being able to take early retirement in April of 2016 gave me the time to prepare for it....just! I have been a little surprised by how much work there was to go in to getting ready for an exhibition, more to do with the additional peripheral things to think about far in excess of the actual pressure of having enough prints to show.

Since then I have had further exhibitions at The Art Cafe in West Bromwich and at the Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust in Dudley.

I regularly exhibit some prints at The Art Yard in Old Hill, a wonderful community led gallery which gives the many talented local artists a chance to display their work.

In addition to prints produced using the historic processes, which are the main focus of my work, I also have some of my 'normal' photographs on show, explanations of the processes, before and after comparisons of what can be achieved with portraits and also a pop-up portrait area.

These have been great experiences with a big learning curve, and I get to meet lovely people and occasionally make sales too.

I wouldn't hesitate to do other exhibitions in the right locations,


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