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I wished I could say....

......that there was more stuff going on, but there isn't!Lockdown and winter definitely hasn't helped my mental health and creativity. Lockdown has been good for many creatively but lately I have felt uninspired and uninterested, tried to press on but not happy with results. So I think I need to stop beating myself up and not enjoying even trying to make some artwork. Times like this always make artists question the what & why of their work and processes and I am definitely no exception to that. Add in a dose of imposter syndrome and I think it is time to not try to fight through it, instead reflect on what make me tick art wise and find my own 'what and why' again. On the plus side I have a new shed coming in a week, half of which will eventually be a dedicated work space, at the bottom of the garden, where I can work while listening to the birds in the trees maybe there is hope yet. Till next time!

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