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Wet Cyanotypes - Who would have thought?

OK - It is fair to say this has not been the best year creatively. I have struggled with my depression at various times this year and also struggled artistically to find my 'mojo', questioning everything I am doing, why I am doing it, and whether to carry on at all. Welcome to the world of the Artist I guess!!

I know it is in me to carry on, but everything else is still up for discussion really. The weather hasnt helped, as it has been too good, wanting to enjoy it rather than be working in my studio (OK spare bedroom!). One thing I have discovered this summer is Wet Cyanotypes. It is a variation on the traditional cyanotype and involves experimentation with - variously- soap suds, rock salt, vinegar spritz and, for me - Paprika. Other artists using this process use Turmeric but I hadn't got any! Anyway, after spending a long time trying to get a standard process and organisation for my gum bichromate prints, this is the opposite, so totally free form and relatively unpredictable. Plenty more experimentation is needed, but I know I love the effect, and others on social media appear to too, so I NEED to carry on with it and see where it takes me. What do you reckon?

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