What a lovely weekend!

The dust has now settled on the Wolverhampton Society of Artists Open Weekend, and what a lovely weekend it proved to be. I set my work up on Friday evening, arrived back on Saturday just before opening time at 10am, and hardly stopped talking for the rest of the weekend from there onwards. I met some lovely people, both customers and other artists, and it was lovely to be able to explain the processes behind my work. I sold some work as well (thank you to everyone who purchased) and came back with more money in my pocket than it cost me to be there....always a bonus! In addition to meeting some lovely people, all of whom had made an effort to get out and visit the artists on what was a really horrible weekend weather wise, I also got to meet some amazing artists too. I wished I had chance to spend more time with some of those I didnt get to see, it was just too busy. As a result, of course, I came back buzzing with another zillion different ideas for different work. One guy gave me some more 'direct' feedback, which was also welcome and well received and I will consider and question some of those aspects with my future work. Time now to sit back, absorb, reflect, and pull together all the ideas I brought back, and start looking forward to the lino cutting/printing course I booked myself on to! Onwards and upwards. Till next time.........

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