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Breaking the Lockdown Routine

Humdrum days indeed, and very strange times. Lockdown has caused problems and issues for all of us, and whilst I have been able to carry on printing (Gum Prints) even that has had an element of routine about it. So, finally I got my head (butt!) in to gear and had a couple of days working with different processes. First up was the Van Dyke Brown Process, simpler in exposure terms, and only one layer needed, but more involved in terms of getting the print sorted after exposure. It needs two acidified water baths, then a fixer bath, then a clearing bath to remove excess chemicals and further rinses. I added in a Gold Tone to a couple of them too. Those had limited success due to my own issues with coating I think, I will go back to this and have a look again. This is one I am really pleased with though, it wasn't toned, but came out 'as is'. Hope you like it.


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