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First quad colour Gum Print for a while!

OK...So I haven't seemed to be very prolific of late, but to be honest I have been beavering away, even though there has been a serious case of 'spirit willing, flesh weak' and even the spirit hasn't been that willing! I am building up a head of steam though with some new ideas and experiments. Anyway, I digress. This is the first full blown four colour gum I have done for a while, using CMY & K negatives I actually used 6 layers on this and these layers were of six completely different colours (which is unusual for this type of print) I just kept trying with different pigments and strengths till I got where I wanted to be. The place is in the Cotswolds, but several have commented on how 'continental' it looks. On Social Media I have received many fantastic...and very kind...comments, both from friends and my peers on the various groups who work in old photographic processes, which has pleased me greatly. Anyway, shut up rambling, here it is, I hope you like it.

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