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Four Go To The Art Yard

Sounds like a title for a book doesnt it...but no. I have printed quite a few images over the last few weeks, some in respect of a collaboration that I cannot share yet, but others where I am still working and experimenting on different variations of the Gum Bichromate process I use. I have submitted four of these latest prints to The Art Yard in Old Hill, where they will be included in the latest Open Art Exhibition for the next few weeks, with a launch night on Tuesday 23 April. I'm still not sure that people viewing the artwork are quite sure what they are looking at, is it a painting is it a photograph, is it some form of print. Always, once I explain the process, the interest and appreciation of it grows. Anyway, here is the first of the four that I have submitted. It is an image of Hastings Pier...or at least the dark underbelly.. It is a Gum print and I split the image into four separate CMYK negatives, but only used the Cyan and Black. think I used 5 layers in total and I hope you like it.

Numbers 2-4 to follow over the next few days.

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