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I'm Back!

Wow, it's been a hard few months over winter. I struggle with my MH from time to time, and almost always over the darkest greyest winter months. But I have been thinking and am trying a few new ideas which I am quite excited about. More on that to come, I am currently in testing and trying mode! I have however been fortunate to again take part in a concept called Poartry, where artists are randomly paired with writers (think like the FA Cup Draw, one name picked from each pot). What we then have to do is create a new piece based on one of the others pieces of work. So we end up with two pieces of art between us and two poems to go with them. The exhibition launched three days ago and is on for almost another week and the work created has been amazing. Big thanks to Rick Sanders aka Willis The Poet and all involved in putting it on. 'My' poet, Ian Ward, chose an image I took in Croatia last year and produced some work relating to the Balkans War. I chose one of his poems based on a visit to the National Memorial Arboretum, specifically a memorial dedicated to the 306 soldiers shot at dawn in WW1 for cowardice, otherwise known as PTSD or Shell Shock. It is a chilling sombre memorial and I produced a piece based on photographs I took at that memorial. Without me knowing he was creating a piece based on war, both of the poems reflect the waste and futility and sheer nastiness of war and are quite moving pieces.... I will have to post them as separate images, but see what you think!

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