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I seem to be apologising a lot!

Here I am again, apologising for not posting for a while. Unfortunately life stuff gets in the way sometimes, and it has for me recently, far more than I would like, but there you go. I do have some really exciting things to share with you, but not just yet....

For now though, I have had little time to print and explore these processes, but the one thing I have done is prepared another print to be exhibited at The Art Yard in their latest exhibition, from Monday 18 March.

I printed this one to A4 size last month, and had such good feedback on it I decided to print it to A3 size and frame it slightly differently, using deckle edges instead of a mount. Same process, a Gum print, using three negatives and built up over six different layers. I hope you like it, it certainly looks good for giving it a bit more space to breathe and the larger size enables you to see details. I hope you agree that it is just as vibrant!

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