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Its all about the Cyanotypes Baby!

Hellooooo. Yes I know, its been too long, I am missing you too. What a tricky last few months where day to day stuff has taken precedence over artwork, my mental health hasn't been great, and during that same time what little mojo was there went AWOL completely. Anyway, there is nothing like an upcoming event to spur me into action, regardless of where my mojo is. I wasn't sure it would be on, but next weekend 7/8 August I shall be at Leamington Spa for their fabulous Art In The Park, where I am sharing a pitch with Lindsay Pritchard ( which will be lovely. It is a superb relaxed day with loads of artists, two music stages, food, street entertainment etc, and I am happy that they are doing what they can to minimise the ever-present covid risks. I knew I had enough gum prints to exhibit so it was about sorting those out, but I wanted to take some of my cyanotypes, some of which in a similar style have sold well before. You will have to go there to see what I have bought with me, but I did want to share some of my 'wet' cyanotypes with you. These are where to the normal cyanotype process you can add pretty much what you like to make an outcome that can be unpredictable. By adding things I mean soap suds, turmeric, paprika, salt, vinegar spritz etc. I decided with a few to add a stencil of a bird and I am really choughed (see what I did there) with how they came out, and I should really be 'tweeting' too. But for now, here are six I am delighted with. If you are at Leamington come and say hi, in the meantime I hope you like these.

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17 de nov. de 2021

Absolutely beautiful! The birds and flowers prints are beyond inspirational. I've never seen anything so lovely.

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