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Pre-Christmas Update!

Its been a while (again). Damn lockdowns and an almost total lack of inspiration have made it a quiet few months on the updates front. One commission project has been finished, but I can't share it yet as the exhibition has been delayed and I have done two lovely commissions for Christmas presents which - obviously - I cannot share either yet. I was hoping to use the last couple of weeks to 'set myself free' and be more experimental, but a few domestic issues

and that aforementioned lack of inspiration have both got in the way. For now I can share one with you. This is a four layer gum print of a photograph I took quite a few years ago. It is a cold scene with the early onset of winter when I took it. It is in the Lake District in Dovedale Beck, looking towards what is known as Striding Edge. The snow at higher levels adding to the cold feel I think. I may be able to post again before Christmas, but if not I wish all who have followed me on various platforms and this website a Healthy and Happy...and most of all safe..... Christmas period. Let's hope 2021 is the year we finally seem to be able to see the light again.

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