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Two Bits of News

OK. I may have had an operation three weeks ago that has taken out of action one of my arms...and it would be the one I use to write and paint and eat and...pretty much everything! But life goes on while i keep popping the painkillers and do my (albeit gentle) physio for now. It is going to be a long haul but worth it. In the meantime though, I heard earlier this week that I had been accepted as a member of Wolverhampton Society Of Artists. I am really chuffed with this as up until now I had always seen myself more of a photographer using photographic processes, whereas now... I am an Artist!!

Secondly Friday saw the launch of an exhibition called Poartry, where 20plus poets and 20 plus artists were randomly paired and asked to collaborate on work. I was paired with the awesome Callum bate and we hit it off right from the start. Indeed we hope to carry on and do some work together in future too. Anyway.. I had already produced a more 'interesting' gum print called The Watching Eye. Callum chose this and interpreted it with his own words, I then chose his poem Supernova from a selection of his work, and did my best to interpret it. I found it quite tough capturing a poem with one image, and I hope I did it justice. I was pleased that Callum was prepared to let me take photos of him and use them as the basis for interpreting the image. See what you think! I can only post one image at a time, so see subsequent blog posts for the rest!

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