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Where have I been?

Happy New year! Yes I know it is nearly February, so an explanation is due. I could tell you that I have been working soooo hard that I havent had time to write, but the reality is that I have had a serious bout of procrastination and self doubt! Anyway, I have taken the tablets, given myself a talking to, and the fog is clearing. It helped that I sold a piece that was exhibited at The Art Yard this week, which was a fabulous way to start the artistic week. I have also been working this week on a project which I cannot reveal much about yet...watch this space...and also contemplating so many different processes that TBH I have got a bit bogged down with thinking about them all. So, for now, back to what I know, I have started off a few new pieces of work. Here is the first one I have finished, a print of a Sunflower, broadly in a Rose/Pink colour. I think I used a total of 6 separate layers until I was happy with it, and I think the square format really works with this one too. What do you think?

I am also thinking about the way I interact with Social Media so watch this space for developments if I go ahead. Till next time!

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