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Here we go!

Hello! I have decided to reshape the website to hopefully reflect more clearly what I am about. Since I took early retirement I have been exploring options ( = doing my own head in) and trying to settle into a direction where my photography and art might sit best, and which I am comfortable with. I might be there, I might be a long way away still. For now I am going to continue to focus on individual prints made using the historic photographic processes and also high quality inkjet prints from photographs I have taken that please me artistically. I hope they do for you too!! I might follow these up with a range of greeting cards and other variations. I might incorporate poetry and words. I might.... you get the picture (no pun intended). Have a look around at the galleries, get in touch, buy prints!!

Here is one of the new inkjets that I really like, matches the summer day that this is being written on:

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