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A portrait & persistence

So many reasons why I haven't been able to focus on artwork this year, and when I have had time, the mojo hasn't been there. Before lockdown I came across an image of a FB friend Charys Schuler, which was taken by a photographer Marwan Mozayen, they both run and produce a beautiful magazine Silvergrain Classics, dedicated to all things analogue photography.

With their permission I used that image as a chance to practice my colour gum printing technique on a portrait.

The pandemic got in the way and nothing much happened apart from one version that was 'OK'. With limited time I went back to it this year and persisted. Two binned attempts later and here is the third. I could 'improve' it further still, and may well do that, but for now here it is. Charys herself loves it, which is all that really matters.

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