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Let it Snow!

We have had two lots of snow recently and I managed to get out in the first one to capture some images. One that I took in the lane below our house was just asking to be made into a Gum Print, so I did!, from a single negative and using 4 layers. There are more snow scenes in progress, watch this space.

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May 18, 2021

Dear Mr. Glover,

I was knocked out recently by your exquisite photograghs! Would you ever consider transferring your

artistry to the realm of videograghy? My production company is in pre-production on a 1/2 hour TV pilot. It will be shot (creatively) entirely on inexpensive smartphones. It is a multi-layered rock music/comedy show. It story is set in the present day, in an enchanted make-believe town in Western Massachusetts, USA. The show's foundation is serious and belies it's top layers.

My company can not make great big, expensive TV shows, but it can make small, independent TV shows with great love.

Thank you.

John Martine

President, Joyful Pictures Sound & Press

Florence, Massachusetts

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