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Lockdown (In)Activity!

Strange times, 6 weeks plus into this weird lockdown. I was hoping that this would trigger me into an amazing spell of creative experimentation and

At least 4 of these 6 weeks I have felt paralysed by indecision and apathy, and maybe that is what this Covid thing is about, and yes I get that maybe I am in shock and trauma just like everyone else.

I have however come out of it to an extent and have at least been making Gum Prints, and the few I have shared have been amazingly well received. I did tweak my processes a little and it seems to have made a big difference in both the outcomes and my confidence in the process....maybe until my next failure anyway!

I went back over some old images and came across some I took at Leigh Court Barn, a historic barn near Worcester. The light inside was amazing, and as soon as I saw them I knew they would make excellent gum prints. So it proved.... Here is the first one I did, a 4 layer gum made from a single negative.

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