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Pain & Pleasure!

What a weekend that was, at the fabulous Art In The Park Leamington Spa, a beautiful town with lovely leafy parks and streets. Temperatures were in the low to mid 30's each day, we moaned about the heat and are pretty much exhausted, but had no cause to complain compared to many other exhibitors as we were lucky enough to be in shade for 95% of each day. It is pity too I didn't have time to visit the many other traders and experience the full atmosphere of the event with music stands food and street entertainers as well as all the lovely art work.

I was blessed to be visited by many people over the weekend and had some lovely conversations, thanks to everyone who gave me the opportunity to explain my art and my processes to you. I had some lovely two way conversations about your art work too, and will try Polaroid Emulsion Lifts, Image transfers, Cyanotypes on Glass and Lino Cutting one day!

Apart from massive thanks to the organisers and volunteers who make the show what it is, I leave my biggest thanks for the lovely people who felt able to purchase and take a piece of my work home with them. Your support of independent original artists like me is so important and much appreciated, and I THANK YOU again. I hope my work brings you lots of pleasure.

From here it is time for a bit of 'me time' to process the whole preparation and the event itself. It hasn't been a great year in other areas so taking time to reflect and regather...not to mention sleep...before deciding on my next steps is going to be important to me. For now though, thank you again. I might leave sorting the boxes until tomorrow now and if it rains (please!) I will likely go and have a lie down on the lawn!

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