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Reset Required!

Hi again all. There seems to be a thread of mostly negative posts on here recently and this one is no exception I am afraid. Apart from the low mood/depression that I have struggled with again this winter, about 6 months ago I started to try to change my processes with gum printing to enable me to make work with stronger colour saturation. It failed! The outcome was that I ended up reconsidering every aspect of my process and the many things that need to come together to produce successful gum prints. In theory it is fairly straightforward, but when you add in pigment strengths, concentrations of light sensitive chemicals, room temperature, humidity, light source and several other factors, it is easy to lose the plot...and I have. Covid has knocked me off my feet for a few weeks as well and my brain and thinking is also very muddled at the moment which isnt helping. Along the way it has also helped to destroy what little artistic mojo still existed. I am not at the moment enjoying where I am, and I dont like it!! I feel I need to step back and think about it rationally and logically but until it can be done in a clear and focussed way there is no point. The only time limits on doing this are those I am imposing myself, the world isnt going to stop if I dont create anything in the near future. MY world might have come to a stop of course, but the rest of the worlds isnt going to notice really. Hopefully I will be back soon, hopefully at a point where I am happy to share work again, but bear with me for now.... hasta la vista baby!

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