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Here I am again, apologising for the lack of new content and work. Believe me it is driving me more crazy than you. There have been too many things to mention going on lately, and one of them is the time it has taken to board, insulate and fit out this, my new workspace, at the bottom of the garden. Still a few snags to sort out, but I am hoping being able to spend time down here is the key to getting the artistic juices flowing again....fingers crossed!

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19 nov 2021

Hello, Alan - and greetings from Texas! Well, I for one am very much looking forward to what you might come up with in your new workspace/studio. It looks wonderful! I stumbled across your site one evening just investigating Cyanotype processes and after reading a few of your entries I thought a little commentary might be in order. You are definitely not alone in your struggle with depression. It even gets tough here in the land of almost limitless sunshine. (but I've spent Novembers and Decembers in Shropshire so know the compounded effect lack of sunlight can add to existing depressive states of mind also!) And, we all know as well that these are difficult times full stop. I'm a…

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